Academic Enrichment

It's never too early

Ivy Scholars works with gifted and talented middle school and early high school students to ensure their future is as bright as possible. An early start in the university admissions process can make all the difference. Students graduate from our Academic Transitions ready to launch their best possible high school experience.

Ivy Scholars students often experience unconventional issues with high school transitions. These include learning differences and disabilities, entry into 10th-12th grade, entry from a foreign education system, and entry with incomplete mastery of academic content requirements.

We start by assessing our student’s skills and crafting a personalized enrichment plan. This plan provides students practice material and timelines for developing their existent interests while preparing to ace their upcoming entrance exams (ISEE, HSPT, SSAT). Our work isn’t just rote practice – we hedge against burnout by helping students build upon their existing study and organization strategies.

We’re experts at navigating high school curricula from across the state of Texas. We ensure that your child is ahead of the curve when it comes to mathematics and world language coursework placement. We take the time to make sure our middle schoolers are ready to build a confident relationship with math over their next four years.

  • Academic Evaluation and Skills Benchmark
  • Customized Enrichment Development Plan
  • Credit-by-Exam (CBE) Preparation
  • Early Start Extracurricular Achievement Materials
  • Interest Development Mentorship
  • Supplemental Materials for Current Coursework
  • High School Strategy for Houston, TX
  • Options for In-Person, Phone, Email, and Skype Sessions

“Sasha tutored me in physics, chemistry, English composition, and SAT preparation. He also provided substantial guidance for my college essays and application process.

Sasha’s tutoring helped alleviate the stress of a heavy course load in my junior year. His own academic achievements, such as graduating a year early with a double major, was proof of his strong grasp of academic subjects. He always strove to understand my comfort level so that he could tailor his tutoring to me individually. Not only was he well versed in math and science, but also he provided extraordinary insight on my English essays and SAT reading composition questions. Sasha’s advice opened new perspectives on writing that went beyond simple grammar corrections, and ultimately he pushed me to write beyond what high school English teachers expected of me to prepare for my teachers at Columbia.

I entered the college application process the same way all of my classmates did: uncertain, confused, and stressed. For everything I had done in my four years–all, seemingly, for this one moment–it appeared as if the crucial decision rested on a matter of semantics. 640 words and a Why question. I approached Sasha looking for guidance on my common app essay and my Columbia application. At the time I didn’t know what I wanted, or even Why Columbia. But I had to answer Why Columbia, and in the case of being unconvincing, answer Why for other schools.

Sasha never crafted a golden, perfect essay for me. He didn’t simply focus on the essay I brought to him, he sought to understand me first before even looking at the essay. He understood the pressure of an intensely competitive academic environment, at times more stifling than stimulating. I confided in him, and he, unlike other college advisors who demand thousands of dollars to mold students to an outdated formula, focused on expressing my individuality through my application while showcasing my accomplishments and talents. He asked me about what I wanted in my college, my environment, and my education. He asked me about what I wanted, period, and because of him I considered not only whether a college would accept me, but also whether it would fit me. Sasha didn’t look at me as just another student who may or may not get into her dream school. Sasha invested himself in understanding my visions, my problems, and my experiences so that he could best mentor me. I firmly believe that the introspection I gained through him, coupled with his formal guidance on my essays, was crucial for my application.

Beyond the goal of crafting college essays which contained enough depth and distinction and interest, Sasha’s advice on writing still aids me tremendously. I reached out to Sasha because I knew of his brilliance in writing, but it is quickly evident to anyone from his advice. He challenged me to look at myself differently through my writing. He had no qualms about telling me to scrap entire paragraphs and rewrite them. Once I got over my hang-ups on taking out a nice-sounding line, my writing became fluid. After talking with Sasha, all of my 640 words were different, and completely my own. I had written a common app essay which a friend later told me gave her goose bumps. To this day I am immensely proud of it, and I owe its development to Sasha.

Sasha never fails to impress me with his quick wit. He pursues many passions, and his understanding of the arts, sciences, and college trends allows him to relate to his students on many levels. He is wonderfully compassionate, always willing to offer thoughts, open about his own experiences, and unafraid to admit his own struggles. Sasha intellectually challenged me and helped develop my college apps, but most of all, he strongly believed in me. I cannot express my gratitude at his enthusiasm for guiding me through my thoughts, my academics, and my writing. He was the only person who advised me in my college applications, and I know he pours just as much effort and sincere care into each of his other students.


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