Who is Ivy Scholars?

Over the last 10 years, Ivy Scholars has helped over 200 students enroll at top tier universities, over 300 students reach their target SAT & ACT scores, and secured its students over $450,000 of scholarships.

As Seen On

Ivy Educated

All of our staff has experience in admissions and academic counseling from top-tier schools.

Communication Experts

We take students that other programs fail to reach. Ivy Scholars has graduated over four years of students who were worried their gifts and needs would be overlooked.

Student Focused

Every Ivy Scholars student receives coaching specific to their situation.

Family Founded

Ivy Scholars never outgrew its roots as a group of educators who help families plan the best future for their children. We don’t work for a school district, university admissions committee, or review board. We work for you.

Giving Back

Since our founding, we have worked with pro bono students who did not have the financial means to use a college advisor, helping them gain acceptance and scholarships to top universities around the country. We accept applications and notify selected students on a rolling basis

Where Our Student Ambassadors Are

Succeed With Ivy Scholars

Admissions Coaching

Work with academic coaches who know the ins and outs of the university admissions process to put together an application strategy and ultimately the best application to the best colleges in the country. Your personal college coach will help you increase your SAT scores and ACT scores, work with you on various essay topics, and take you through the steps to apply for college. We also have remote tutors that are able to work with international students.

SAT/ACT Mastery

We take very different approach than most test prep programs. Our program teaches students to augment their preexisting knowledge of algebraic reasoning and critical reading skills with our technical insight on test prep strategy to build speed and accuracy. This is a score-building class, not a skill-building one – it’s about getting the most questions right in the least amount of time.

High School Transition

Ivy Scholars works with gifted and talented middle school and early high school students to ensure their future is as bright as possible. An early start in the university admissions process can make all the difference. Students graduate from our Academic Transitions ready to launch their best possible high school experience.

Academic Recovery

Ivy Scholars Academics helps students ages 12-25 recover from interruptions to their education and succeed in junior high, high school and university. In addition to tutoring and test prep, we help students understand the approach that best fits their learning style and build the self-management skills to reach their educational potential.